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Villages of Pollution, Goi- Niger Delta

Oil spills in 2008 and 2009 on the upper grounds of neighboring Bodo village led to leakage in the rivers and neighboring lands, robbing the community of its livelihood. They could no longer depend on fishing or crop farming as most of the fish died and the soil became unproductive. The water became unsafe for drinking and mangroves started to die. The levels of pollution have gone up to extends of causing cancers to locals, miscarriages to pregnant mothers and deaths of infants among other major health threats. For them, every Friday means a funeral, courtesy of pollution.

How it looks to live near mining sites – Kwale

Gemstones, titanium, silica sand, rare earth elements, lead, copper, zinc, barite, coal and limestone are among the gazetted minerals found in Msambweni, Matuga, Lunga Lunga and Kinango constituencies of Kwale County. Kwale is well endowed with minerals, that is not...

Irony as dry Turkana is sitting on two water aquifers

A lot has been written about the situation of Turkana; the climate and high poverty levels, which am in agreement with. What caught my attention this time, is the story on the two aquifers lying below Turkana’s land surface. Two aquifers were discovered in the...

Water as the main ingredient for oil drilling?

Isn’t it interesting that they say oil and water don’t just mix? You will be surprised to know of the role of water in oil drilling or extraction, but first let’s give this discussion a foundation. Turkana is known to be among the dry regions in Kenya. It has had...

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