After more than 40 years of delayed compensation for residents in the Kerio Valley region, there is now a renewed hope for justice to families who lost about 9070 acres of their land to pave way for Kerio Valley Fluorspar mining company.

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On 6th March 2018 the National Lands Commission Chair Dr. Mohammad Swazuri accompanied by commissioners and Ministry of Mining and Petroleum officials visited the region to officially launch the Valuation exercise which he announced would be conducted within 4 months.

Upon the launch,  the Fluorspar taskforce officials from the Ministry of Mining, National Lands Commission, committee members nominated to the taskforce from the community , area chiefs, surveyors and valuers embarked on a data inventory  process of households and property development in Sego, Muskut, Morop, Chop, Turesia and Tumeiyo sub locations in Kerio valley.

Through the two-weeks activity concluded on 16th March 2018, the team which was divided into four groups encountered residents who want land for land compensation and others who want land for money. Others wanted the land to be restored back to them after the exploration is over among other issues highlighted in the taskforce report. The residents are also worried that the National Lands Commission may result to valuing their land to Kshs. 220, 000 per acre as listed in their records, an amount they  term too little saying it may lead to disagreements between the parties.

The community now wants a meeting with their elected leaders to voice concerns regarding their rightful compensation. They also want the NLC to engage them on the priorities they have set with regards to implementation of the taskforce report. This happens as the taskforce sets to kick off the land valuation process.