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Guarding Biodiversity

Water Security for All

Safeguarding the Precious Resource

Balancing Development and Conservation

Natural resources in focus

Championing Sustainability in Mining

Fostering a Global Culture of Environmental Stewardship

Save Forests
Save Wildlife
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We promote sustainable development of, and the involvement of communities in natural resources management

KENRA is a coalition of Kenyan and regional civil society organizations and community-based organisations whose focus is principally on natural resource management issues. KENRA works jointly with like-minded partners across Africa and across the globe to ensure sustainability, government and corporate accountability, and community involvement in natural resource exploitation.


Strategic Alliances

KENRA’s membership across the region has been very powerful and it consists of powerful grassroots organisations and entities that have affected conservation efforts. We will build strong partnerships with diverse stakeholders present and future.

Amplifying the voice of grassroots movements

Building the agency of community members so they can understand their role in protecting and nurturing supporting communities in the region to adapt to the unavoidable impacts of the declining environmental conditions


The predicament of third world countries; Kenya

The predicament of third world countries; Kenya

Foreign governments and international organizations have been in the fore front ‘championing change’ with financial aid, grants and donations to help third world countries develop. Even as grants are non-refundable, some are intended to finance specific policies. Most...

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Kilifi’s latest Treasure, Manganese

Kilifi’s latest Treasure, Manganese

Bale village in Ganze constituency, is the newly discovered hotbed for manganese in the region known to have a rich stretch for the mineral used mainly for the production of steel. Over the past year, majority of locals, previously engaged in farming have turned to manganese harvesting for their livelihoods, with Bamba Mining Company being the solely licensed Miner. Farming, they say has become unreliable due to low rains and poor soil quality.

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Villages of Pollution, Goi- Niger Delta

Villages of Pollution, Goi- Niger Delta

A trip to the East of the city of Port Harcourt takes International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa (IANRA) members to Goi Village. Not so long ago, the village used to be home to the ancient Goi Community, who make part of the indigenous Ogoni people. The...

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Land Degradation

Catalyzing innovative action towards controlling the deterioration or loss of the productive capacity of the soils for the present and future.

Climate Change

Taking action on climate change while
supporting communities in the region to adapt to the unavoidable impacts of the climatic changes

Environmental Justice

Promoting meaningful community involvement in the environmental management discourse


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